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How to get the best results from your cream

Cream is an incredibly versatile and highly prized ingredient that can be used in many applications in the kitchen. See below our quick tips and tricks for getting the best results from your cream.

Whipping cream

When whipping cream there are two factors that are going to help you get perfect results every time.

  • Firstly, cream that is going to be whipped should have a fat content of greater than 30% with the ideal being above 35%.  Pauls Professional creams have been developed to provide an optimal whip with Pauls Professional Thickened Cream at 36.6%  and Pauls Professional Pure Cream at 39.4%.
  • Secondly, it’s important to make sure your cream is cool, ideally between 5°C – 10°C. If the cream is too warm, you risk churning it into butter.

Pro Tip : For a sweeter whipped cream, add sugar towards the end of the whipping process. This will result in a higher volume of whip as well.


Cooking with Cream

When cooking with cream you want to avoid it splitting. Careful selection is important as it is beneficial to use a cream that contains more than 25% fat. The fat content in cream helps to protect the protein from splitting from the liquid, hence it is important to select a cream with a minimum of 25% to ensure the recipe remains stable.


Storing Cream  

It is important to store your cream correctly to avoid unexpected results in the kitchen. Your cream should be stored with the lid on the bottle it arrived in, in a clean and dry fridge at below 5°C.

Pro tip : Ensure you always use fresh cream.  Even though the cream might still smell suitable to use past its use by date, as cream gets old lactic acid builds up and this will make the cream curdle, split and potentially even prevent it from whipping correctly.


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