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The best milk choice for baristas

With a strong focus on tailoring our dairy range to the needs of the foodservice industry, Parmalat Professional’s dairy portfolio includes a comprehensive range of dedicated foodservice milks under the Pauls Professional foodservice brand. Pauls Professional milks have been specially designed for a variety of applications across all foodservice business types with both packaging and formulation solutions catering for our channels unique requirements.

Within the Pauls Professional milk portfolio lies a specialist milk for cafes and baristas in Pauls Professional Café Crema.


Pauls Professional Café Crema is specifically designed with higher protein and fat to provide superior performance and taste in coffee, providing two key advantages for businesses :

  • Increased yield – Pauls Professional Café Crema will stretch 40% more than regular milk when heated, providing an exceptional economy per cup.


  • Superior foam – Pauls Professional Café Crema has a superior hold when texturing, forming a silkier micro-foam that holds longer in the cup making it perfect for creating latte art

Complimenting the majority of milk blend coffees, Pauls Professional Café Crema enhances the coffee’s natural characteristics without suffocating flavour.

Pauls Professional Café Crema is available in a 2L bottle. For more information, click here.

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